Early-Access-Update-Release v0.1.5.0

With today’s update v0.1.5.0 we have further improved the steering and added support for established head tracking systems which transfer your head movement into a very realistic camera feeling in the vehicle cabins.

Besides some bug fixes we have also attended the usability of the task system: from now on you can reuse created tasks for your workers by saving or copying them as templates. This is especially useful when you want to cultivate multiple fields in a row. Just copy the first task, change the field, the time or the vehicle/trailer combination as you please and it’s on!

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the subject in our forum.

At the same time we are working on the combine update, which brings you, apart from multiple crop sorts, a combine, as well as a seeding unit for the Hammer CornKing. At the moment we are researching a very promising, physics based solution for the loading and unloading of our 3-side-tipper. We are confident that this system could also be a part of our “Move That Mountain” stretch goal – and it is honestly quite sexy – so we decided to take a bit more time for this update.

Please check out all the changes, bug fixes and news in our changelog, as always.

We hope you have a nice weekend and fun testing!

The MBB team


NEW: Headtracking using the FreeTrack 2.0 Protocol is now supported. This protocol is supported by several popular headtracking solutions, including FreeTrackNoIR, OpenTrack and TrackIR. As usual with head tracking Solutions on Windows, their software must run in the background.
On Linux, head tracking is supported via Linux Track


NEW: The task creation has been improved:

Create template: you can save a filled out task as template and label it

Load template: when you load a template, drivers, vehicles and all other task settings are selected automatically. If a specific driver isn’t available, another worker is selected. If a specific vehicle/trailer combination isn’t available, another vehicle of the same type can be selected

Copy task: readily planned tasks can be duplicated
Multiple fields in one task: several fields can be added, they are then cultivated consecutively
NEW: Multiple workers can now be added to one field cultivation task
NEW: The worker now has a “start from the beginning” option
NEW: Notification in an info window when the worker has finished his task
NEW: The maximised minimap can now be minimized with the escape key

BUG FIX: Multiple bug fixes & changes for the Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV:
Rear three-point hitch adjusted (lower linkage orientation)
Indoor / outdoor sound rate calculation fixed
Indoor button lighting brightness lowered
Skylight lever now rotates back when closing
Texture UV distortions fixed, completely unnecessary and unsexy holes patched
CabControl added for parking brake lever and four-wheel drive button
Steering rod / front wheel base / front fender now rotate correctly
Rear wheel base positions adjusted
Camera / seat position adjusted
BUG FIX: The wedges behind the front wheels of the Axion have been removed
BUG FIX: The connection between seed addon and seeder looks better now
BUG FIX: The workers now should go to the silo that has been assigned to them when doing a harvesting task
BUG FIX: When the worker handles the CornKing, he now also uses the row marker
BUG FIX: The bulls don’t look through the walls of the Betimax any longer
BUG FIX: The bulls shouldn’t be able to walk through a closed pasture gate any longer as well as open it autonomously
BUG FIX: Changes for the steering wheel ‘Saitek Heavy Equip’: arrow keys can now be assigned correctly; the character doesn’t walk left when the steering wheel is in zero position

BUG FIX: The info panel for “always run/full throttle” has been adjusted and now displays correctly if “always run” or “always full throttle” has been selected in the settings. The shift key is now also being displayed in vehicles

CHANGE: The position of the first person camera has been adjusted/heightened and is now on eye level with the character
CHANGE: The current status of a UserAction is now being shown in a sidebar and quickbar
CHANGE: Reworking of translations in the vehicle shop

Cattle and crops

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