Status Update 01 Mar 2019


It’s been a hot minute and we think it might be time to show you a new machine we’re working on. Check the image to see a Lemken Saphir 7 / Zirkon 8 seeding combination, which will be added as an addition to the Hammer Corn King. We’ll provide you with an exact release date at a later time.

Another big area at the moment is updating the physics engine to PhysX 4.0. We’re making very good progress and PhysX will allow us to offer a more stable vehicle simulation in the future. The new PhysX version results in a much better simulation of the joints between rigid bodies, which will also benefit the modders.

Check out Nvidia’s small introductory.

If everything goes as planned, the first version should go to the testing department next week.

Cattle and crops

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