Acceleration time v1.3


With the Zeitbeschleunigungsmod you can temporarily screw up the time factor strongly. I’ve written the script, because I like to play on the MIG-card with long growing seasons. So you can go about his work on the one hand calmly, but must on the other hand if you are not ready to turn up the time scale to 120x and then still initialy hour wait until something again grew. So you can easily go back in the evening his machine into the yard, skip the night and start walking again the next morning.

Operation: This is the whole not by mistake can trigger the acceleration only in the first-person perspective (the bus!) With a keyboard shortcut (CTRL-R). All this runs only as long as you hold the keys down.

I hope one or the other can start something and of course’m glad about comments, giving thanks for the little gimmick. Reviews, etc. And who knows after reading that little mod is not for him is not even forced to download.

Idee/Skript: upsidedown – 18 KB

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