Adjustable mirrors v1.1.5


Description and Mod of Marhu,

The simply in the modfolder, change the game into the vehicle and press key 5 (changeable)
then look into a mirror (center of image), hold down left mouse button and move mouse with mirror.
If all mirrors are adjusted again press button 5 to deaktiviren the function.

In the Hardwareprofielen low u. Medium can be the mirror switch
by pressing key 5 in the cabin and then the middle mouse button
kurtz then leave the vehicle and then again in the Kabiene the mirrors are active in all vehicles.
On low they are very dark, I can not change but at the moment.

The settings of the mirrors are stored,
the reset of the vehicle, the levels are reset.

Mods of Marhu are free. this is not Modklau !!

Marhu – 28 KB

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