Amazone pack ECO UF 1801 and FT 1001


Amazone pack ECO UF 1801 and FT 1001.
Economical, high yield, it consumes 2 times less fertilizer (2,4L/sec), opportunity fill with slurry (20L/sec).
Amazone UF 1801 :
Price : 31500 Euros Maintenance : 40 Euros/day Capacity : 1920 L

Amazone FT 1001 :
Price : 6000 Euros Maintenance : 10 Euros/day Capacity : 1125 L

Version 2.0
Game log :
Some changes in textures.
Consumer error repaired.
Adding Amazon FT 1001 (to enable for use).

Please use original MediaFire link only.

Giant, Crazy Troll

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