Animated Schwerlastregal v1

The shelf has up 3 compartments, compartment 1 and 2 and to be shut down,
so you can save space, for example with several cutting works and does not require a tool
to stow. The shelf is about 16m long and approx 2m (it fit two pallets deep).
In the upper compartment (level 1) can be stacked pack even 2 wooden pallets.

Operation Note can be found on the shelf itself and a Readme.txt for installation via GE is the .rar file at.
What is needed is still the Animation Map trigger Vertex Dezign:
For questions or problems just message to me

Modell: SanAndreas
Textur: SanAndreas
Script: Vertex Dezign
Idee / Konzept: SanAndreas

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