Bergsholm v 3.0





In Bergsholm is a converted standard map. Whole farm was rebuilt on the mountain near the waterfall.
Cow grazing sheep and chickens are also the main courtyard.
BGA filling station reduced.
Timber sales trigger slightly raised.
Bottlenecks, dangerous slopes and difficult terrain are waiting for you;-) The whole yard was kept very compact.
Start Equipment: 3 tractors, Gruber, sowing machine, fertilizer spreaders, dump trucks, combine harvesters, timber semi-trailer, front loader + wooden tongs. 3 Start fields

Effe – 570.4 MB

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2 Responses

  1. bruno aumeida says:

    se o mod der certo no jogo eu vou gostar se nao der certo e mais que obvio que eu nao vou gostar

  2. Jordan says:

    what are the required and recommended mods for this map

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