Bizon Z056 Blue v1.0


Hi, several people have asked me about the bison to 15, it so happened that my colleague himself before he played in 15 so I took him and I decided to share with you 🙂
Not forcing anyone to download, as well as someone you do not like do not let poured his complains …

It has standard features that are in each of bison lsa 2013 so I will not be exchanged because everyone probably knows it: P

The prohibition of changing the link!
Ban edition of the skinhead!
Amounting to copy the entire post!

Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski, DEATHdriver, LESTER89 Rockstar
Skin: Methyl Agro

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  1. Avatar marcin says:

    jest to fajny bizon.
    jest duży bizon jest też niebieski.

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