CASE IH RowTrac Pack v1.0





Today I present you my from LS13 LS15 converted into
CASE IH Steiger RowTrac pack before.

Included in the pack are 3 types 3 the Different track widths.
1.) RowTrac 350 80 ”
2.) RowTrac 400 88 ”
3. RowTrac 450120 ”

The technical data for all 3 tugs can be found on the title screen.
I’ve tinkered this pack too LS13 times, by LS15 have now been made a few changes.

Crawler tracks including crawler tracks and waschbarfunktion, flashing lights and animation are farmers from LS15.
The drawbar at the rear has a LowAttacher and a normal attacher.
All 3 tugs are not yet fully washable.
The Model 350 has a different engine sound as well as the real model 350 other engine possession.
The two larger models have the same sounds as Quadtracmodelle the same engine is used.

wish you much joy with this pack and look forward even if someone added.


Giants, KHD-Agrostar – 34.6 MB

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