CASE IH Steiger 1000 V 1.1



The CASE IH Steiger 1000 The Big Boss is tuned Steiger Tractors with wheels like its brother, the Red Baron 1000 Quadtrac.
The Big Boss is a kink handlebar risers with Quadtires with 4 wheels per axle half, ie 12 wheels on the whole tractor.
The Steiger 1000 is the counterpart to the Quadtrac 1000 hence there is a wheel and crawler version.
The 12 wheels he carry with him are that he properly transmits 1,000 horses gallop on the ground and as a very down gently.
With close to 40 tons of weight he can use ordinary traction to give at disposal.
The Radcolission had deliberately not been drawn out down to the last wheel because some maps relatively narrow streets and roads have wide have some devices a very short drawbar, thereby Colision was not distributed to the entire tractor width.
The Steiger 1000 is 42km / h and 15km backward / h.

Giants, KHD-Agrostar – 13.7 MB

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