Circus Caravan V 1.0




When I Bjorn Holm the first time I looked, I thought beautiful, a circus, sometimes a new outlet for grass, hay and bales. But what kind of car?

I have circus wagons from my childhood differently in memory. After I had the project then postponed several times in favor of the Two Rivers Map, it is now finally ready.

The cars were built in part from photographs. I think for one or the other a few useful decorative objects have been created.

The pack includes 8 cars:
Workshop trolley
Feed Trolleys
Dare hay (bale)
Toilet Cart
Popcorn Cart
Cash Cart

There are built no triggers that can surely everyone is able to create a map, itself. This is exactly what the cars are built when Mapobjekte.

Objekte: El Cid
Texturen: El Cid, GIANTS – 9.4 MB

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