Claas Jaguar 980 v2.2


Claas Jaguar 980 Beast Pack
So I tried my Claas Jaguar 980 with the functions of Bull Gores equip Beast Pack and I think I’ve managed it well and now for the mod

Claas Jaguar 980
Power: 884 hp
Speed: 43 km / h
Operating speed: 17 km / h
Price: € 398,000

Claas Jaguar 980 128k
Power: 884 hp
Speed: 43 km / h
Working speed: 17km / h
(Grain tank size): 128 000 l
Price: € 398,000
Yes I know of is unrealistich, but this is a game you just can indeed
use the anderren and for who want to have it so that use it so !!!

Class Orbis 900
Yes what there as great to say um
Working width: 9 m
Price: € 99,500

niklasgamejoker (Bullgore) – 57.1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. mitchell says:

    is the grey machine a chipper?

  2. igor says:

    będe nim zawsze kosiłk kukurydze

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