CP Westbridge Hills v 1.1


I’ve been run courses for the mod Course Play for the original map Westbridge Hills.
The Mod Course Play found at: https://github.com/Courseplay/courseplay/
Since Course Play is currently in beta, can still change a lot here!
For those who like to play the standard map “Westbridge Hills” since the LS 2013 I will be able to open the map gradually retract after all courses theoretically play automatically. Below you can download my v.1.0. The retracted courses should work (except for Sale) mostly for LS-2013.
Some of the courses also for the old farming simulator 2013 should be valid because the map is almost identical.

There were only original tractors, threshers, etc. were used.
What’s missing:
Bales discharged, BGA empty etc. comes in another version. Happy about support.

You would have the whole thing in your savegame folder named eg C: \ Users \ Paulie \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ savegame2

List of abbreviations:
a = Abfahrer
b = bales edit field
u = About Driver and Route
sale = sale of grain, potatoes, turnips at the outlets.

All courses can be combined! As harvester New Holland Agriculture (original) was used with cutting width 13.6 m.

# Abfahrhelfer for all fields to the courtyard + BGA
# Transfer (route) to all fields, BGA, cows, sheep, etc. way back
# Selling all types of grain incl. Beets and potatoes at all points of sale
# Mow grass, restricted breathing, record and leave loading wagon.
# Grass silo fill, fill BGA
# Partially already pressed bales field courses, Collecting and depart.

Copyright CoursePlayer

Sharemods: courseplay_wh.zip – 516 KB
Orginal Link: http://uploaded.net/file/s2562rcu

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