Dalciowo map v1.2


Hello. Presenting my first map for FS15. Map has:
– One farm
– Hens, sheep, cows and everything related
– The sale of eggs from a neighbor
– Pedestrians
– shop
– Sale of machines
– The super silo
– Opens the door to the
– Feeding the sheep,
– Collecting eggs
– wool
– Sale of bel
– Mod lime, manure and liquid manure
– Mod chopped
– Purchase of all crops
– Buying fields
– 9 fields and meadow
– Fertilizers, fuel, seed
– Feeding the cows in the barn
– Making the barn
– pda
– Pasture next to the barn
– Interesting way
– Mud on the road
– Clean the log, no errors
Map based on the farm’s Dalcio. Thanks for the photos and to help map.
Thanks for your help in making pda: Turbo and Jopek56.

What has changed:
– Added buying wool which I forgot the earlier version
– Mud is shallower
– Added a few machines to start
– You need to extract the downloaded file to the mods, there are necessary files for the game to work well
– Corrected pda
– I added two fields
– Increased the number of golf


dalciowo_UNPACK.rar – 103.1 MB

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