Damaged wood v1.0 placeable



Hy FS-Friends,
before i make a little brake, i have a nother mod for you: Dead Trees are a part of forests everywhere, and now also in FS 15:

– new dead Trees: 10, 20, 25 und 30 Meters
– placeable

– because bugs spread from this trees to healthy ones, they cost you 0,5€ per meter and day!
– cut them down to prevent bugs from spreading!
– Important: you have to sell them in the shop too, because the game does not clear out cut down trees!!

I hope there will be some Maps with pre-placed dead trees, so users get a new task at the beginning of a game!

A lot more stuff by me:

lots of fun,

BUZZARD agrotech

Miniaddon_SchadholzV1_buzzard.zip – 6.1 MB

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