I’ve heard of some people tanking credit for making these tanks, and guess what I can actually prove it, with a litle help from a good friend we got them ingame and working great
To make these tanks attachable you need to add this to the tractor needs to be added in xml as well as
You will need to add in a transform node and index it for attacher joint
Doing this will take a bit of work but I’m pretty sure you can all handle it
I’d like to thank everyone who helped with getting theses tanks to were they are now, finally nice to have some good quality tanks
If i left anything out please let me know!!! thanks and have fun.

John Deere Modding & Contracting Team – Model
Lindbejb Modding- InGame and Scripting – 2.5 MB

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3 Responses

  1. John Deere Modding says:

    Why is this mod on this site I never gave permission for it to be here!!! You need to go to American Eagles modding and read the description, this will be the last mod I release thanks to you, maybe you should learn how to listen

  2. jürgen says:

    super seite

  3. blane says:

    john deere modding DONT be so cokey about it

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