Deutz 745RTS v1.2.5 (by SIID)


The direction of travel shows dust and leaves traces, dirty and clean. Package includes: Deutz 7545RTS on the track, Deutz 7545RTS RV, reaper Deutz seven meters.
Improvements to version v1.2.8: added twelve meter header and three trailer. Improvements to version v1.2.5: Log Clean, improved visuals. Improvements to version v1.2.4: New script passengers, new script navigation Green. Improvements to version v1.2: Added version on wheels and additional lighting in the cabin, improved visuals. It has a speedometer, tachometer and fuel capacity indicator. More dirty and clean, had all the scenarios 15 fs.

Envelope in fs 15: SIID.
Maud made: SIID. – 54.9 MB

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