Extended Cruise Control Script V 1.0


Have you also been annoyed that the Giants have cruise control so messed up? That you can change the speed only as “slow”? Now here is a script that solves these problems.

Speed ??to one third of the Top speed. * Set
Reset speed (at maximum speed)
6 speed steps that need to be turned on
this limit the speed to one-sixth, fifth, …
if enabled, they will appear on the bottom right
can be adjusted by pressing keys

Keyboard shortcuts:
Speed ??steps
activate with SHIFT-4
increase with SHIFT 2
decrease with SHIFT-1
Speed ??thirds with SHIFT-3
Reset the speed with 4

Minimum 6 km / h; Maximum 18 km / h

Have fun with it.


zzz_ExtendedCruiseControl.zip – 60 KB

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