Factory For Fertilizer Feed Diesel V 1.0




Product 1:
Produce Fuel -> byproduct crap -> fuel can be sold
Requires rape

Product 2:
Power generation with silage and manure -> Money
Requires silage and manure

Product 3:
Power generation with slurry and manure -> Money and fertilizer
Requires manure and slurry

Product 4:
Producing fertilizer with manure and manure -> Fertilizers and money: fertilizer can be sold to the point of sale
Requires manure and slurry

Product 5:
Feed production
Requires hay or grass – Silage – Straw

Product 6:
System with water cooling -> Money
Requires water

Maximum amount levels:
60000 60000 dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow forage 100000 23000 100000 silage water fertilizer 30000 25000 100000 fuel rape 76000 108000 manure liquidManure

t0xic0m Gaints (models) t2k-lsmodding (thoralf2002, PP); tech. Objects container by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2); fuelStation LS11 unknown; Silos LS11: unknown; Hedge LS11: unknown; Oil tanks: LS11unbekannt;

Fabrikgelande.zip – 14.7 MB

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