Fiat 128 old and rusted v1.0

This Fiat 128 looks old and is therefore cheap; but has the same functions. Is nothing special or cool … Rather intended for decoration, although you can do with it, but it is not just the most beautiful ….
Please only download if you are really interested this mod. In the shop please buy in white !!!
This Fiat I discovered recently and had to buy it because I wanted to restore it. I’m unfortunately not in time, and so I have to sell him now. Unfortunately, he got a little more rust again by the life and the paint is “chipped something” ….

Among the data:
Power: 65HP or less, man does not know
Cost: € 360, he restored part …
Maximum speed: 87 km / h
Fuel tank capacity 45l

Additional equipment:
Each volume rust
ne bump here and there
Alu`s for summer
few scratches
and n Radio

So now, a lot of fun with the old mill …
Please re-upload only with original link!
No one needs to get to !!!
A big thanks goes to MODALL for its excellent mods

Modell: Modall
Textur: sanhau18

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  1. Avatar Hasan SÖNMEZ says:

    Nice mod Good like !

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