Fliegl VFW 10600




Today I present you with the flieglVFW10600(ORANGE) I loved its unique ness and how handy it was on smaller farms. So I decided to do a wee bit of texture editing I messed about with all sorts of colours green , red , blue but the only one I thought looked the best was the orange witch really stood out to me so I began using the mod for personal use but then thought well why don’t I share with you guys so today I am I hope you enjoy this feel free to message me any questions about the mod or any problems.

Price: $ 17000
Maintenance: $ 10
Req. power: 130 hp
Working width: 10.0 m
Capacity: 10600 l

GIANTS Software
Edited by
I have full permission to upload the mod as GIANTS already game permission to freely do what you want with there models 🙂

Sharemods: FS15_flieglVFW10600.zip – 4.8 MB
Orginal Link: http://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&mod_id=432&title=fs2015

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