Follow Me LS 2015 V2.0.5


Of the key, which can be changed in the settings – control, defined into two groups:

Myself – For a car driving the player:

RIGHT CTRL + F = Start / stop after the car, which is in front (if possible).
RIGHT CTRL + W / S = Decrease / increase following distance.
RIGHT CTRL + A / D = Adjust the left / right when, after displacement.

Behind – For a car that’s watching over me (if any):

RIGHT SHIFT + F = Stop follower.
RIGHT SHIFT + W / S = Decrease / increase the distance follower for me.
RIGHT SHIFT + A / D = Adjust the left follower / right bias.

Note: Each set of actions keys must use the same modifier key!

You will notice that when loading a new map or a saved game, vehicles have not posted enough “crumb trail” for other vehicles to follow. So remember to ride the leading car for some distance before the creation of the follower vehicle.

To perform some vehicles to provide your own vehicle in relation to it and press the onset of action (RIGHT CTRL + F).

If there is no “trace chips” can be found, or the vehicle has to be different, a warning will appear and you will either have to move a little further along the path / back, or change to follow another car.

To stop following, click the same steps again (RIGHT CTRL + F).

Distance and displacement

Subsequent distance can be set using the RIGHT CTRL + W / S. You will notice that the distance is not measured in meters, and the “invisible crumb trail” units. Also note that vehicles that do not have traffic collision triggerboxes can not be installed closer than a distance of 2 pcs.

Left / right offset is set with the RIGHT CTRL + A / D. – But! The offset is calculated as follows, that the first car in the convoy, that is the leader, passed.

Freelance Modding Crew – 44 KB

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  1. Moribax says:

    great mod, works extremely well, but please, reduce the cost for it, it’s simply too high, at hard i had to pay almost 2000 € to make it follow my harvester on field 16 only (Westbridge Hills)

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