These Two Trucks Was Two Seperate Downloads And Iv Made A Few Mods Of My Own Too Each Truck and pass them both on as a pack

Mods Done too The White Ford is This Truck has Ag Tread Tires
Resized all lighting on truck to fit light fixtures
added lights to mirrors
Removed brush gaurd cause I hate them LOL
Widened the bed just a little
Removed The Straight Crome Stacks And Added Some Of My Own Old Ones Would Disapear At Certain Angles

Grey Truck Is a Street Tire Truck
Resized All Lighting on Truck to fit light Fixtures
Added lights to mirrors
Removed Brush Gaurd Cause again I Hate them
Widened the Bed Just A little
Added Crome Stacks To Match Other truck

No Other Mods By Me Have Been Done All Truck Build Its Self Goes to Rainbow145 & BigCountry
NOTE Unpack And Unzip Both Files

Rambow145, BigCountry, Thunderhawk09 – 40.2 MB

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  1. Avatar LoyalExpert says:

    I am not sure what is wrong with this addon, but it wont work on my FS15 server, i continually get a error basicly saying that this is not a FS15 mod. there is a chance you might need to go through your files and see if you can change anything about it……wish i could give more info but cant, sorry

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