FS15 Mod Mouse Steering

Mod allows you to target machines with the mouse
By holding the middle mouse button mod is activated.

By simultaneously pressing \\\\\\\ ‘\\\\\\\ Shift “you can rotate the camera and
with \\\\\\\ ‘\\\\\\\ Ctrl “You can move the mouse without changing the values.

In the menu you can adjust the size of the steering wheel and inscriptions, and also set the sensitivity of the mouse.
Exposure to REQUEST OF PLAYER ……… ..


MouseSteering.zip – 84 KB

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2 Responses

  1. Shomey 1979 says:

    Great work and many thanks for this mod, I finally disconnected my steering wheel and enjoy the game with a far less complications. It works perfectly , no bugs, no errors, no glitches. Absolutely perfect mod. Great job and again HUGE THANK’S!!!!

  2. asd says:


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