FW247 v0.1


This is my first public release ever, and this is a map thatwill change over time, changes thatwill come are foliage, trees, objects, etc. all changes will be due to responses, requests, and a sort of “time passing” things changes all around over time.

Base build on Björnholm map. Tons of added things, foliage, more trees, Moved cow and sheep area, and more. This is a map thatwill “grow” over versions.

Upploads to outher sites or pages are NOT allowed with out my approval.

/ Rick76 aka FW24 / 7, Farm Works 24/7

Rick76 (FW24/7 – Farmworks 24/7)

And all outher modders who’s things are used or coming to use.
this list will be too long to print here, unless YOU have had a active part WITH me in working etc.

FW247.zip – 324.2 MB

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