– Time to ferment plant has been extended
– Can Feed the Cows and Chickens Water
– Old BGA which was not in V1 was built.
– Distillery and I think to sell.
– Manure can be found in the barn and out, also you can find small shelters where you can store everything you do not need on a farm
– Dear simple mud Glade, etc. for the village.
– After the robot you could go something nice to look at \ “find himself \”
– End The maps were made a little nicer than how it was in V1
– Almost all the doors can be opened at the Farm L button
– Doors of collision

Tommi-1 & Bens / Tls Modding
Konwert: FS15 mati4895

gorzkowa_v2.zip – 195.4 MB

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3 Responses

  1. freQ says:

    Świetna mapa, typowy polski klimat, zrobiona ze smakiem. Świetna robota.

  2. Wojtek says:

    moę ściągnąć tą mapę ponieważ mi się bardzo podoba

  3. wujek bohun says:

    fajna mapa.

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