* Key Level 1: Driving
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key.
Ctrl-Left / Ctrl-Right: turn towards the automatic reversal, reversing automatic start manually
Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down: Set the switching distance of automatic reversal
Ctrl-W: steering assistance on / off

* Key Level 2: Course Adjustment
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key * and * the left Shift key.
Ctrl-Shift-Left / Ctrl-Shift-Right: move parallel course
Ctrl-Shift-Up / Ctrl-Shift-Down: Adjust the heading angle
Ctrl-Shift-KP_Plus / Ctrl-Shift-KP_Minus: Setting the working width
Ctrl-Shift-pageUp / Ctrl-Shift-page down: adjust offset
Ctrl-Shift-pageUp + page down simultaneously: Offset zeros

The Control Panel functions are grouped by blocks (from left to right and then from top to bottom):
* Basics
+ Line Set: By switching between three settings: flat lines (as GPS2.0), lines pulled for overgrown fields / tall grass, lines of
+ Import: Copies the settings of the course nearest vehicle
+ GPS guidance: Passive / Active
+ NEW: Course initialize at current position & direction
+ Steering wheel mode (global): For the steering wheel drivers among us – here the (intentional) light automatic steering is disconnected from analog controllers.

* Work Width
+ Increase working width
Lower + working width
Automatically determine + Working Width / Offset

* offset
+ Offset zeros
Increase + offset (right)
+ Offset lower (left)
Invert + offset
+ Rotary plow mode (offset direction depending Invert)

* Course Set
Shift + left parallel course
Shift + right course parallel
+ Turn rate by 90 °
+ Turn left heading angle
+ Turn heading angle to the right

* Save / Load
Load + course from the current slot
Save + course in the current slot
+ Next Slot
Clear + current slot
+ Display of current slot. Occupied slots are shown in bold.
+ Back a slot

* AutoTurn
+ Number of free rows up / down
+ Increase operating distance to the field edge
+ Lower operating distance to the field edge
+ Automatic mode: Switches between doing nothing or only ads / auto stop when reaching the switching distance, ie Cruise control off / automatic reversal
+ Automatic reversal to left turn or turn to the left to start
+ Automatic reversal to right turn or turn to the right start


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