Hagenstedt 2015 v 1.0





Hagenstedt 2015

Welcome back to Hagenstedt with forestry and many extensions.
Hagenstedt 2015 prepared for the water and lime Mistmod, as well as for the choppedStraw.
Copy out the appropriate mods in your Modsverzeichnis if you want to use these extensions.

My thanks to the modders who have made also allows your work this Map:

Ticks: Funky
Eiersammelmod: Eisbearg
Grid box / pallet: M-S_Buschi
Slurry manure-lime-Mod, Wassermod, Digital Display, pig, cutting shelter: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)
Food storage: 1984Fendt936
Cattle barn converted into a sheepfold: LS-Pitstop / Model and Texture: Holli72
Animated Hot Air Balloon: 112TEC | schwaki
Lime Saatfabrik: Jerrico
Forgotten Plants: Eribus
Old Barn Equipment & Ball Freak36558
Butchery: Pandahma
ChoppedStraw: webalizer_ls
Ball bearings: Giants Software – mod Henkie_NL
Silopack: RC-Devil
Scarecrow: Boshetun

Hagenstedt2015.zip – 560.1 MB

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    faz um favor coloca o lugar de compra mudas de arvores

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