Hagenstedt v 1.1


The original map in FS 2013 FS 2015 for now 🙂

– Changed silo farm.

Changelog v1.1:
– Fix problem with fill fertilizer.

Map: Giants Software
Convertion: Vanquish081

Hagenstedt.zip – 162.5 MB

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6 Responses

  1. carlos says:


    wherei buy trees for planting

  2. chubbzfarmz says:

    you can buy your trees from the garden center in pallets and plant them using your tree planter attacher

  3. charlie says:

    where is the garden centre

  4. Dimitry Pushkin. says:

    Greetings do you know how to install in windows 8 ? all my self installed mods works just fine but i can’t seem to figure it out with windows 8 …

  5. farmermatt2012 says:

    For windows 8 the mods folder is located –
    C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods
    Replace “YOUR-NAME” with your real name name haha

    then Just paste the map zip file in the mods folder

  6. Dan says:

    You cannot buy trees at the garden center in this map. There is no trigger at said garden center to do so.

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