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Actually I wanted to – I’ve warmed up with with LS11 and 13 – times really create a MOD with LS 15. However, since the documentation is rather well arranged, I have ME time to let a script together to complete variables with their fields to spend so I did know what I can do.
Furthermore, I’ve still given the stack trace function to log messages can assign better. So for example, the line number in the log appears.
The whole I put in here, because maybe someone might help. You can change it erweiteren or entirely. It’s the same thought. I’ve written in the form in the first respect for ME because I find very tedious modding (and the associated programming) without detailed documentation and remote debugger.
PS: If anyone in the search for documentation and especially can help a remote Debbuger I would be super begesitert. It can not be but that I have to restart the game completely for each code change. (I know the GDN, the LUA documentation also, but how can I when the running game see variable values, or how I can a mod just so reload)

an alle Modder, deren Beiträge ich als Dokumentation oder HowTo verwendet habe – 27 KB

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