Hofabladestelle v1.0



as it has always bothered me personally that are on some maps difficult to achieve the entladetrigger in the court, the idea to create a similar porno unloading as in LS13 came.
have fun with it
who does not need it, it should not download and let be the gripe!
konstruktieve criticism is welcome!
if you find spelling errors, it can keep! I have more of it;)

keine ahnung, wer für die scripte ansprüche erhebt

Sharemods: placeable_Hofabladestelle.zip – 5.4 MB
Orginal Link: http://uploaded.net/file/pqyvj2pi

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2 Responses

  1. ScrollsyScrolls says:

    “the idea to create a similar porno unloading as in LS13 came.”

  2. Rico says:

    Do not download this this thing! The i3d is busted and it somehow creates problems with the seeding machines! When they run out of seeds instead of stopping or buy seeds directly they just keep going! I had to delete 200+ mods and add them one at a time untill i found out which one was creating the problem!

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