Some time ago, Fraser Cow approached me about completing his Houle manure tank pack for FS 15. Today, a present to you the rebuilt Houle Manure Tanker pack for FS 15.

This pack contains the 4000, 6100, and 7900 models with new AO, adjusted model geometry, proper decals, and various other improvements.

The credits list includes:
Fraser Cow, for original model and script
Bronkema, for initial conversion of FS 15 7900 into a three-pack (used in part as a scripting base)
Seriousmods, for reworking the 7900 into a 6100 and 4000 in Blender, cleaning up all three models, AO baking, and re-ingaming.

The mod should be error free on all systems, and has been tested by Jake Even.


HoulePack.zip – 22.6 MB

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