International 453 v1.0

Here’s a little tractor fresh from the repair shop. It may look familiar! It’s yet another incarnation of Giants Lizard 442…or as we call it, the
I’ve fixed any errors reported in my log and implemented some features that were missing. I did some texture work too…trying to correct the colours etc. but I’m no artist so apologies if the tones are off or whatever.
Please note, I can not hear, so the sounds are really an unknown. I think they work ok but can’t say for sure. Also, the actual sound may or may not be appropriate for the tractor, I have no way of knowing. Please let me know of any irregularities and I will try to address them.

-error free
-makes dust
-leaves traces
-two purchaseable versions
-dirt, grime, patina and sun fade on the skin (but doesn’t get dirty and is not washable)
-two wheel drive
-edited power, mass and vehicle characteristics for a realistic experience (it feels right to me anyway…you’re mileage may vary)
-useful new camera views
-40 km/h maximum speed
-cost-purchase-$5750 (not bad for a good running used 453 right?)

EZP————-fixes, additions and revisions——————-contact via PM at
Alby————V1 and the base I started from——————-
Charly_99——-FS13 version (to the best of my knowledge)——-unknown

-fixed/edited/added attacher joints
-enabled schematic hud icons
-adjusted decal placement to eliminate flickering
-added exhaust particles
-fixed/edited textures
-fixed/edited sounds
-fixed/edited xmls
-new store and brand images
-got rid of redundant files in the zip
-added two new camera views

Thanks to Alby for allowing me to use his release as a starting point. Hope you like the changes mate 🙂

Please leave any comments and/or seek support only at the release page in the ‘Comments’ section.
Please include this entire docement, in unedited form, in any re-posting of this mod to other sites.
Please be sure to include all of the credits above if you modify any of the files in this zip and re-post.
Commercial use of any file or part thereof is strictly prohibited.

If you prefer the standard 2 cameras, there are instructions on how to easily revert to the 2 cameras…see ‘xInstructions_Change_Cameras.txt’ located within the zip.
You might have noticed the * up there beside ‘lights’? So ummm, ya…the signal and brake lights don’t work. Truth is, there are still a couple of very
minor (IMO) niggly issues…the lights, and the 3 point hitch animation is not quite 100%. I’d like to fix those up but I’ve spent a lot of time on this
already and I need a break. Seems plausible there might be an electrical short somewhere in a 40 something year old tractor. 🙂 I might come back to it, or
I might not, so it is what it is. Maybe someone wants to have a go at any known issues. If so, be my guest…just read the ‘Important’ stuff above one more
Hope you can have some fun with it…EZP

1-Place the in ‘your/MyDocuments/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2015/mods’ folder.
2-If this is your first mod download…when in-game, go to/open the equipment store and use the upper arrows to navigate to the Mods section of the store. – 5.1 MB

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