Jenz Hem 583 Sonder Modell v1.0




Hey guys hir is still a mod of Klaus from the Contractor MM
This time the JenzHem583 Completely re-built on since there was rarely hackers who have a good working and now we have a Jenz hem583 dan times we get to see what has changed Klaus

What has been done
Rebuilt (1) Complete
(2) collection was made ??Real
(3) Crane control system was made ??more effective
(4) Stüßen improved fästichkeit
(5) The hacker is completely gabaut on Real

If there are problems then Standfästikeit is not on the tractor at the hacker
The mod can will in no case be Rebuilt and re-uploaded this is a special model and may be altered nuch. Greetings Klaus
Please send questions or wish Mod at a private message

Link from contractors MM hir:

Mike260796 & Klaus – 9.9 MB

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