– Animated front suspension
– Animated steering and the joystick
– Animated front wiper (automatically turns on when the rain)
– Animated plumbing, revised rear linkage
– Panel IC – Raised mask, folding front linkage, opening doors and rear windows, movable steering column, the monitor Greenstar
– Twin wheels to buy on a stand, have collisions and leave traces (founded by pressing M)
– Weights to the rear wheels (available with ballast weights, first select the key combination of Alt + Z and then set up the weights by pressing Z)
– Front weight assumed for the Z key
– Fully working lights and turn signals (new animation lights, number plate illumination)
– Speedometer and tachometer
– Sound-cabin
– Washable tires
– Added shine
– Minor fixes in textures
– Clean LOG
– Fixed camera positions in the cabin
– Improved use of mirrors
– Fixed physics of driving and the weight of the tractor, the mod does not slide over the hill
– New sound while driving + work to improve the sound parameters for slow and fast speed
– Tractor kneaded surfaces on which rides (mod tramlines)
– Improved external cab model, added blinkers US style
– Option Downloadable front fenders (Num 7)
– The establishment of the rear fenders (Num 8)
– Warning signs broken down into key (Num 9)

Sotillo, John 14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan
Edit: Ghost

Uploadfiles: Download mod

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