-Reversing Camera (Del.)
-Switchable Front weight (key 6)
-Switchable Wheel weights (key 5) only in versions with dual tires
-Fold-Marker lights (key 9)
-Fan In the interior (NUM key 9)
-Driving Particle system
-Real Exhaust particle system V3
-Bunker Silo compacter
-Light, Rear work light, brake light (standard)
-Indicators, Hazard lights (Bel. 3.1)
-Drilling Tires can be activated (M key) only in versions with dual tires
-Animated Heckhydraulik
-Articulated steering
-Lateral Tilt compensation for uneven floors installed (see pictures)
-Power Shaft attacher (it can use the previous PTO, as well as the original PTO will attachert)
-Indoor sound
-digital Tacho & RPM display
-display & Monitor illuminated

GIANTS + r0y4ax + speedy77 + Red Fox Modding Crew

JD9630_Package_mit_Heckhydraulik_V2.rar – 58.2 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Dylan says:

    I put the folders in my mod folder and they wont show up. help!!!

  2. Avatar pastorius says:

    I have the same problem. Tractors are not in the shop

  3. Avatar jimmy says:

    go to moddesc in the folder and see what version it is. if its not verison 20 . drag the moddesc folder to desktop and right click and click edit and change it to 20 save it and put back in tractor folder and overrite . and see if it showed up

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