John Deere 9630 Tractor v 2.0


Reversing camera (Del.)
Switchable front weight (key 6)
Switchable wheel weights (key 5) only in versions with dual tires
fold-marker lights (key 9)
Fan in the interior (NUM key 9)
Light, rear work light, brake light (standard)
Indicators, hazard lights (Bel. 3.1)
Drilling tires can be activated (M key) only in versions with dual tires
animated Heckhydraulik
articulated steering
Lateral tilt compensation for uneven floors installed (see pictures)
powerShaftattacher (it can use the previous PTO, as well as the original PTO will attachert)
Indoor sound
Digital Tacho & RPM display
Display & Monitor illuminated

RPM Display Display & Monitor illuminated

JD9630_Package_mit_Heckhydraulik_V2.rar – 58.2 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Santiago says:

    Great mod, but does not work.

  2. geo says:

    I can’t get this mod to work, have any suggestions? thanks a bunch

  3. HuskyFarmer says:

    This is a FS13 Mod that is why it doesn’t work…. Fail….

  4. Farmer Nash says:

    well if it is a fs2013 mod, just convert it, but if you don’t know how to convert to 2015, and you look it up on youtube you will notice that they convert trailers and other stuff that doesn’t have self propulsion. I tryed to convert tractors and trucks and it doesn’t work, for that stuff you pretty much have to be Einstein to figure out how to convert tractors and trucks.

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