Kamaz 45143 and body pack v1.0

The mod adds KamAZ 45143 and body pack for Farming Simulator 2015 – Universal Pack, which will help on standard maps and maps with additional crops. The pack contains the following body:
Fuel tank – 000 liters of 18
Milk tank – capacity 18 000 liters
Cargo box – Capacity 18,000 liters. It carries all the standard culture, as well as sand, gravel, cement, sunflower and boards.
Van for products – capacity 18,000 liters. Transporting various goods, such as bread, oranges, apples, tomatoes, flour and others.
Body for filling planters with a retractable screw.
Body Livestock – for 16 pigs or cows.
Live fish tank – capacity 18 000 liters, and can be transported just water.
Trawl for transportation equipment.
Body for transportation of bales – it can be folded body.
Body for the carriage and handling of liquid fertilizers – the capacity of 18,000 liters.

Also in the pack there is a trailer that can be installed on the body itself 45143. KamAZ KamAZ accelerates to 88 mph. Has working in lighting fixtures, it leaves traces and raises dust. The cab had run devices and rearview mirrors.

Lexan, T-150, dimaks, KAMAZIST89, BrUISeR.DRONKLIM, ANDREI1994, Silak_68, werik, Northern_Strike, Du-mont,Garmash, [email protected]=-.EDIT FS15 kto-totutzdes 😉 | modfiles.ru

KAMAZ_modul_v1_1.zip – 68.1 MB

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