Kemper Cutter Study 2020 V 2.0




Hey there
Here is my new mod for quick harvesting of corn silage
Working width of 20 meters
Designed for large fields! And also for large and flat cards
This header can be transported so far only on the processor
In the future, I will do it for trailer

This header is painted in the style of area 51 was fun to work in the fields
There is a new animation harvesting corn

Version 2.0
Hello Meet the new version of the super mega header Work on its transformation is completely finished And now you have the opportunity to test it in practice So what can this baby ?? Well, firstly it must be said that the working width of the header is 20 meters which is very good for cleaning of large fields Next, we must say that now this header folds up for easy moving it in space And another very important addition appeared in the header it! This is something that you can now recycle five crops in silos namely corn wheat barley rape and grass! I think this is a significant plus! After all, it so happens that I want to remove all silage? Watch the video and enjoy the game

dimanix – 12.0 MB

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  1. kiku says:

    fajny mod polecam na duże pola

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