Krone BIG L500 Prototype v 1.8


Here I have the crown BIG L500 Prototype you know is for you from LS13.

I take this opportunity to thank usxi7sd for release.
Since I introduced him even as a WIP please I occasionally look over there, because I will note any changes there.
Why is he coming already in alpha status to the DL?

Well I had thought to myself, how can you find more bugs than in a public test.
Therefore I beg you to take him thoroughly under the magnifying glass in both single player and MP.
If you find any, please post in the WIP section.

The other reason why so early, it is in LS15 still nothing like it, let CP so I thought why gather for hours to mow and leave, if you do so can make all in one and the even faster, well go up again;-).
More pictures can be found here in the WIP section.

Here are some key numbers:
New Tip animation known as the Wagon from LS15.
New Exhaust system also from LS15
New Beacon Lights “is currently only one kp’s see why”

Planned Futures see WIP
Fruit Type: grass_windrow
Capacity: 80000
Price: 158500
DailyUpkeep: 276
Polys: ca 57326 “in the v2 it will be reduced further goal is to get below 50,000.”

Changelog v1.7:

steering behavior
Texture of the cabin (was black, otherwise ligts on the graphics card)
Fixed missing texture path
Tank capacity and consumption adjusted (so fast empty arg is not on the mod!)
If to remain healthy, it is the last version of this WIP Modtypes see the next version.

You have ideas and suggestions, always like to seen it please write in the WIP area.
Please No PM over problems, please list them in WIP’s !!!

! Caution! Observed on downloading and publication Especially for various underground Pages! The README inside the zip !!!
Since he is currently offered by dozens seites but under different rules now apply to foreign link! Gebts into Google and you’ll know what I mean;-)

Real terrible what happened to the community since 2008! If not there doing what soon will soon be some of the best modders away, see Eifok or similar good that had other reasons but this was also one of the reasons. Was then self-Team members but ne now here. Galaub was additionally LS11 time. But that would be offtopic now. Gern via PM but the net belongs over here.

Ur-Mod: usxi7sd
Sources: Giants-Software
LS15: Jaison
Dirt-Texturen: Jaison – 18.7 MB

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