Krone BIG L500 Prototype v1.5


Here I have the crown BIG L500 Prototype you know is for you from LS13.
I take this opportunity to thank usxi7sd for release.
Since I introduced him even as a WIP please I occasionally look over there, because I will note any changes there.
Why is he coming already in alpha status to the DL?
Well I had thought to myself, how can you find more bugs than in a public test.

Therefore I beg you to take him thoroughly under the magnifying glass in both single player and MP.
If you find any, please post in the WIP section.
The other reason why so early, it is in LS15 still nothing like it, let CP so I thought why gather for hours to mow and leave, if you do so can make all in one and the even faster, well go up again;-).

More pictures can be found here in the WIP section.
Here are some key numbers:
New Tip animation known as the Wagon from LS15.
New Exhaust system also from LS15
New Beacon Lights “is currently only one kp’s see why”

Planned Futures V2:
Display in cabin with km / h etc
Revised Dirt textures
New lights incl selfilum Light
New indicator z.Z not installed.
Beacon light fix
followed by other cronies

Fruit Type: grass_windrow
Capacity: 80000
Price: 158500
DailyUpkeep: 576
Polys: ca 57326 “in the v2 it will be reduced further goal is to get below 50,000.”

Changelog v1.1:
Error (6)
Unknown file type ‘textures / .mayaSwatches /’
Unknown file type ‘textures / .mayaSwatches /’
Unknown file type ‘textures / .mayaSwatches /’
Unknown file type ‘textures / kroneZXGD_specular.psd’
Unknown file type ‘textures / shared / Thumbs.db’

Moved to category mower.
Increased cost and price.
Front coli adapted the jump is caused by small pointed hill on the Map !! visible via F5 in dev
Lights replaced.
Performance increased somewhat, terms of mountains / hills.
Speed Limit added. Max: 30km / h

Changelog v1.2:
Fixed a problem in the shop.
Changelog v1.5:
flashing lights
New tires “known from the game”
New cabin known from BigX, it is now something you need Heller “no” flashlight more;-)
Adjusted handling
no floating Interested “haste really seen”
You have ideas and suggestions, always like to seen it please write in the WIP area.
Please No PM over problems, please list them in WIP’s !!!
! Caution! This mod may not be offered on other websites to download using the original links. No more uploading or replacement link! In particular, for various underground Pages!

Ur-Mod: usxi7sd
Sources: Giants-Software
LS15: Jaison
Dirt-Texturen: Jaison – 18.9 MB

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