Krone BigPack 1290 0.9b


he original BigPack1290 from FS13 converted to FS15
Mod is still in beta phase, but i am happy with results and decided to share it with you…
What is done

Remodeling and animating done, same features like the New Holland BB1290
Texturing done (i am not 100% happy with dirt texture, but it will be done in final version)

Technical details

Max working speed 25 km/h
PTO requirement 150 Hp
Weight 11.5 t
Bale compression (25% more then any other baler on market) so its 5000 instead 4000 like the New Holland 1290
P.S. They worth more when you sell them

Price 65000
Daily Upkeep 95


Model, textures, sounds by Giants
Remodeled, Animated and
Converted from FS13 to FS15 BlackDevastator

Sharemods: – 4.0 MB
Uploadfiles: – 4.0 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    You really need to up the price on this piece of equipment. 65k for a baler that has 25% more yield over a baler that cost 128k? Is there a way to edit the price to make it more balanced? this thing should cost at least 180-200k given how much more it can pick up.

  2. Bryan says:

    EDIT: Changed the price from 65k to 175k for my game. This price seems more reasonable for an implement that has 25% more capacity.

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