Kuhn MRF Confort 48 v1.0


The Kuhn MRF (Mix Ration Forage/Feeder) is for those that have extra forage storage in the map, like the feed storage addons, and already have (or do) a lot of extra forage.
The MRF only accepts (pre-made) forage. It grabs the forage / Mix Ration and then you can unload it at the stable.

Base model: Kuhn SPV Confort 12 by Giants (untouchted).
Author: ita
Version: 1.0

. Some textures changed (for the name and color).
. Capacity increased to 48000
. Fuel capacity increased to 800
. Fuel usage increased to 48 (more capacity/power, more fuel consumption)
. Engine RPM’s and brake force increased.
. Filling speed increased a bit.
. Mod optimized for small size.


kuhnMRFConfort48.zip – 2.7 MB

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