Lantmannen Volvo 180F V2

OK. texture is corrected. Importance fixed so full load in the bucket, more HP and torque. Runs stable and better grip. MP mode is clear. The tools are ready.
MP tested and working, would like to give thanks to the whingers who always knows best.
However, never leaving out a few mods. wonder why



Video beta test!

Video  Lantmannen Playlist

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7 Responses

  1. Pall says:

    Wheels still stop as soon as you release the W key; making it really annoying. Otherwise it would be perfect

  2. Lantmannen says:

    Becuse where are break on wheelloader now.

    • Ralf says:

      Can you make the wheels rolling after release the W (forward key) they break as soon you release w key… impossible to controll the machine when it runs like this…

  3. JAY says:

    This is a great little mod! Just like the real thing in terms of the brakes! Its called auto brake. I used to drive these and other smaller and bigger loaders for a living. I have found however that the bucket after a few hours tends to come off the left hook all the time. As if the locking pin for the atachment isnt engaging (like the real loader) id love to see the press space for IC and have options for the switches inside. Ie lock/ unlock attachment, pto switch for augers etc, interiour lights, and auto brake on/off. Maybe even auto load level, load suspension for traversing terrain with a bucket and not having the loader bounce everywhere. A handbrake button in the ic cab view would be handy too! Overall its a pretty good realistic mod! Thankyou guys 🙂

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