Large food storage with conveyor belts v2.0




Feed stock v2 for installing with the GE.
Scripts is and must be integrated modDesc.xml only in the map.
All textures and shaders are present in the content and function.
Thanks to Marhu for the script, thanks to UnnamedUser for the little help
and of course a thank you for the release of LS-Andy.
Been added is an open warehouse for wood chips (wood chips), also with conveyor belt.
The gutter was now transparent and also has a “channel”.
Heaps adjusted.
might still come a placeable version, so I can do that.
Have fun with it
S4t4n Regards


Korrektur und kleine Umbauten:


Script Hilfe:
UnnamedUser auf Modhoster – 6.9 MB

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3 Responses

  1. sonny says:

    i can´t get this to work, it´s mssing a descversion

  2. Mike says:

    I downloaded the file, unpacked it in my Mods folder, but I do not see the mod in the game’s available mods. Any suggestions?

  3. CNB says:

    This is not a placeable object, it should be installed with Giants Editor. You can find tutorials in youtube

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