Liebherr TL 436 7 v1.1




What was done:
Improved tilt angle of the tool holder down
Corrected mouse control of the tools, now as in LS 2013
No more switching between vehicle and tools required

Thus, it is now possible to provide tools in the lower range of the lifting arm vertically. Ideal for bale grab and Poltergabel. In addition, it is now no longer necessary switch back and forth between the vehicle and the tool, everything can be operated in a single pass with the mouse

Another tip:
Together with my modified “Lizard Poltergabel” for the Telekoplader, can also be included really very thin branches.
Who does not need such a mod, it should not download too !!!
The log is error free (Patch: RC17) and I have deliberately taken to a minimal file size and not all changed files are downloaded directly from the original directory. That should save performance.
By the way, clicking on the “Thank” button really does not hurt …

It is NOT ok to upload this mod on other sites again!
The mod may everywhere be offered, stating the credits and the original download link!

It’s FORBIDDEN to upload this mod on other websites again!
This mod must Offered with the complete credits!
Please respect my work and use the original download link!
Even more fun with the telescopic loader

Steve007 – 4 KB

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