Log Skidder Forestry v1.0





Hello to you here my Log Skidder
(Better name I could not find in the Internet)
I personally do not put a high value on model and skin so my mods are very simple, to me is the important function and therefore is in the foreground.
Please let under remarks as “bad model or texture looks failed * e of” the way something is with me in the background and does not change just because of your comments, the only thing that is causing the comments modder now always make fewer mods to DL
The Log Skidder is appended to the low trailer connection and therefore provides full adaptation to the terrain
The pliers can by pressing both mouse buttons are opened and rotated
The pliers also adapts to the slopes of the substrate and thus provides simple comforts while driving
The log is error free and also MP works without error
who want to know more about what the mod you write me in FB or check out the video at once
Change and the new upload is not allowed.

Mod by adcrafter27

Log_Skidder.zip – 3.5 MB

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4 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    why would you waste your time making something and not even give it the gripping power to hold a log? this is more like a twig skid. not anything close to a log.

  2. My Comment Is: says:

    It looks really good, has the homemade feel with the shape, and size, I don’t know why you think it looks bad…

  3. FarmerMark says:

    I just tested this out. You can def move full sized trees with it. Its not ideal for that but can be done. Very nice mod. Thank you.

  4. Guillermo says:

    Siempre hay disconformes que se aferran ala perfección y nada hay que sea perfecto, todo se parece.

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