MAN TGS Forest Set V 1.1 Beta




EDIT version 1.1 beta: Subject truck: minimal changes to the engine sound, Show / Hide of Bull scavenger and roof protection now has tiggleAnimatedParts (formerly belechtungV3.12) Small changes to the 3D model; Subject Fligl TMK: a little more ground clearance; NEW: Fliegl TRS 3-axle bogie trailer. As a base I used the original Fliegl Timber Runner trailer, and the Kroger Agroliner HKD 302. “TRS” in the name stands for “Timber Runner Small”. The model has no real requirement and meets my pure imagination. Tree trunks with a length of up to 7m can be easily downloaded it. With the trailer drawbar has a length of 9.5 m. So 0.5m over the MAN. Caution when fully loaded this trailer. On the slopes MAN has something to fight for, but it creates). As the MAN & Fliegl TMK, the TRS his 3 medium stakes adjust to the trailer wheel loader + Poltergabel to discharge. Sharp turns at high speed and full load in combination with the MAN are doomed to fail. Is intentional and remains. Also, this trailer is like the total package still in “beta” status and can correct minor errors / bugs included. EDIT version 1.1 beta END.

Giants software SpeedySC1978 – 40.4 MB

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