manual ignition for fs 2015 v4


~- Adds manual ignition to all motor vehicles.
– Pre heating of the enginge before it could be started.
– HUD dissapears after about 5seconds later.

– automatic installation to all motorized vehicles
– could conflict with other manual ignition scripts

Script: Xentro
Graphic: Katsuo / Xentro
conversion to fs 2015 Wis_Tex – 40 KB

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5 Responses

  1. Adriano says:

    The mod works but, even with the tractor turned off, the exhaust smoke still comes out…

  2. zach says:

    yeah, the exhaust spews out even though the vehicle is off. it does with all vehicles, even mods.

  3. errand boy says:

    yes smoke still stays on, which to be honest is ok because i like this mod a lot; however it conflicts with my X and doesn’t allow me to unfold any of my sprayers etc… PLZ fix!!

    • nate says:

      you could just remap the the preheater/ ignition key to an unused key like the space bar

      • DriveCrash says:

        the default key config for this mod is Y, not X. But somehow this mod is interfering with unfolding equipment (default X). I’m testing the problem now.

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