Manure slurry storage Transportation v 1.0




I share with you here my manure storage that I have installed on my map. There is a Map object to install the Giants Editor.
This mod pack contains all the necessary files incl. The instructions needed to build your.
A special conversion of Kotte Garant TSA from the original game is attending. I’ve adjusted the fit of a tractor and you cant even manure in the storage or recharge. In addition, animated gates were installed. Requiring the AnimationMapTrigger Vertex designs.

Size: 35 MB
Format: RAR
Multiplayer: Yes

The AniationMapTrigger still required by Vertexdezign for the gates

Giants: Grundmodel des Gülle Transporter “Kotte Garant TSA”

GuelleLagerLS15_entpacken.rar – 34.1 MB

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